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First name : Kiarash

Last name : Sagheb

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Phone Number : 0493950003

Message : Hi, hope you’re well.
I’m a big fan of your establishment. I actually came a few nights ago with my partner for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We got some dishes to share and all were excellent. Particularly the shish chicken. I believe your establishment has a lot of untapped potential though and I wanted to offer some recommendations that I think would be beneficial based on my experience in the marketing industry.

Firstly, I believe Sahara restaurant would benefit a lot from placing a greater emphasis on community by hosting mini-events or other limited promotions, such as limited run of a new dish or similar, as it gives people a specific reason to visit which also invites potential future loyal customers. This paired with good SEO and effective promotion through social media is what will make you stand out from your competitors. When I visited, I noticed the demographic was mostly people above the age of 30 which are perfect responders to this form of advertising.

Additionally, I think there should be a system in place to attract regular customers whether it’s a membership card that gets the member a discount each visit or something complimentary that is exclusive to them. Methods like this I’ve seen significantly boost the business as regulars are the key for not only recurring visits but also potential referrals.

Coming to your establishment, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel the branding needs to also reflect the uniqueness Sahara has to provide. I believe effective branding, marketing, advertising, content strategy, as well as other methods to increase local traffic like discussed before, are what will make your establishment stand out from your competitors. After all, we need a way to attract people who haven’t heard of the restaurant and the most effective way to reach them is through marketing. Otherwise, you can only rely on word of mouth and people walking by.

I have created a quick marketing strategy to not only make your establishment stand out but to also bring you many more customers. Do you mind if I share them with you? My number is +61 493 950 003 if you prefer to discuss it over call. With the growth of Perth, I believe there is a lot of potential for rapid growth. Looking forward to hearing from you.