Book A Table Sally Johnson

First name : Sally

Last name : Johnson

Email ID :

Phone Number : 0755387855

No. Of Person : Array

Booking Date : 18/09/2023

Message : Hey team!

My name is Sally. I’m part of an obsessed team of search engine specialists here in Sydney. I wanted to QUICKLY share a few major issues I discovered on your website that can help with your websites overall organic customer acquisition and digital presence:

• Your website has multiple coding technical errors (just incorrectly written code), most of the errors are found in the JSON LD coding that is used to directly communicate with crawlers such as Google.

• Your link profile lacks authoritative links pointing to your website and some of the links built for you could have worked in the past, but with all the new spam updates, it’s better off just removing the spam links (that can potentially do your business harm in the future).

• You’re not actively targeting all the sales-intent keywords that bring direct one-step sales.

We can help you fix all of these issues + position your company in a way that it is by far the no-brainer choice for your customers.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I’ll send you everything that’s included in our package (which is under $1000), the forecasted results we can get you, and the results that we’ve been able to achieve for our other clients.

If not interested, totally all good! Lovely to speak to other ambitious Australian individuals!

Yours Sincerely,
Sally Johnson
Please reply with a ‘NO’ if you are not interested.